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  • Adam has played a critical role in the project’s development and OEC consistently delivered on time & on budget. We’re already planning to use them on future projects in Florida.

    Jack Honor Project Development - groSolar
  • We have enjoyed utilizing OEC on our projects. Their thoroughness, foresight, and knowledge of environmental regulation and permitting have made many of our projects run much more smoothly.

    Charles Sohm, P.E. Utility Engineer - Clay County Utility Authority
  • We don’t hesitate to refer clients to OEC because the principals of the company provide quality environmental consulting services.  Not only does OEC provide excellent service, they are very responsive and willing to go the extra mile to make the customer happy.

    James K. Johns LEED AP, President - Solid Rock Engineering Consultants, Inc.

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Representative Sample Project Experience

Duke Energy NARENCO, Perry and Suwannee Solar Farm Sites (Perry and Live Oak, FL)

  • FWC gopher tortoise (Gopherus Polyphemus) survey, permitting, excavation, and relocation from 50-acre proposed solar farm site.

groSolar JEA Solar Project (Duval County, FL)

  • Key Subconsultant to Global Resource Options, dba “groSolar” development contractor for proposed solar farm on 134-acre parcel in north Jacksonville. Wetland delineation, gopher tortoise surveys, permitting and relocation, coordination and management of Phase 1 ESA, cultural resource surveys, functional wetland assessment, designed and implemented wetland mitigation plans.

Highlands Ranch Mitigation Bank (Middleburg, FL)

  • Five year contract for baseline vegetation and hydrology monitoring activities for the 1,578-acre site in Middleburg, FL.

EverBank Field Stadium Scoreboard Renovation (Jacksonville, FL)

  • OEC provided instrumental environmental consulting services related to project planning, subsurface dewatering systems, and disposal of water and contaminants as needed. Provided oversight of excavated spoils. OEC completed its role on time and under budget.

Mid-Clay Reclaimed Water Reservoir, Gopher Tortoise Survey and Relocation (Clay County, FL)

  • Environmental permitting for listed species relating to a 135-million gallon reclaimed water reservoir owned by Clay County Utility Authority. Excavated over 219 gopher tortoise burrows and relocated 107 gopher tortoises on 60-acre parcel using both backhoe excavation methods in open field and woods areas and engaged bucket-trapping methods on remaining burrows located on top of a buried utility pipeline.

Spencer Wastewater Line Extension (Clay County, FL)

  • Completed wetland delineation and listed species surveys for approximately 10 miles of utility easements for CCUA. Permitting for SJRWMD and USACE.

ABC Learning Center, Florida Scrub-Jay Monitoring, (Marion County, FL)

  • Performed Modified Environmental Assessment Study (MEAS) for the endangered Florida scrub-jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens).

BC Superior Lands (Jacksonville, FL)

  • Developed an industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the proposed container wash facility. Conducted analysis of industrial activities associated with the facility and developed SWPPP to address potential pollutants of concern. Provided peer review services for the JEA Industrial User Discharge Permit (IUDP) and the Accidental Spill and Discharge Control Plan (ASDCP).

Vak Pak Commercial Project (Jacksonville, FL)

  • Phase I & II and wetland delineation field work for the commercial project. Prepared Environmental Resource Permit application for submittal to the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD). Prepared an approved JD analysis for isolated wetlands occurring on the project site for USACE review.

Hunter’s Ridge, Residential Development of Regional Impact (Flagler and Volusia Counties, FL)

  • Conducted field work and data collection activities in support of a wetland delineation, formal wetland determination, and UMAM and WRAP functional assessments. Vegetative sampling on 5,200 acres in Flagler/Volusia Counties, Florida. Scheduled and conducted wetland field verifications with SJRWMD and USACE personnell. Provided expert witness services for the project during a mediated contractual conflict between a site contractor and the project owner.

Georgia Land Trust, Site Assessment (Lee and Miller Counties, GA)

  • Conducted site assessments on over 5,000+ acres and created baseline data reports for proposed conservation easement on agricultural and forested lands in Georgia.  

Air Liquide, Industrial Facility Project (Jacksonville, FL)

  • Key subconsultant to GAI Consultants for the Air Liquide industrial development site with ash and brownfields concerns.  

Park Avenue Dermatology Commercial Office Expansion (Jacksonville, FL)

  • Conducted wetland delineation field flagging for project. Prepared and submitted Environmental Resource Permit to the SJRWMD for review and approval. Prepared and submitted approved JD to the USACE for review and concurrence. Provided ASTM Phase 1 services.  

Florida Black Bear Surveys, Iluka Mining Company (Clay County, FL)

  • Contracted to conduct Florida black bear studies (Ursus americanus floridanus) on 5,000+ acre titanium mining site. Set up scent stations, recorded activities, and made plaster casts of footprints.

Private Single-Family Residential Homes

  • Performed hundreds of wetland delineations, and/or environmental permitting for single-family homes since 2004.

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