Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality sampling and hydrologic monitoring can be a permit requirement for certain projects. Generally, there are two needs for this type of work: Environmental permits involving [...]

Wetland Delineation

Engaging a wetland delineation before buying land is an exceptionally prudent move. Most definitely consider doing this before any clearing activities as the fines for doing this without a permit [...]

Environmental Permitting

If you own or are interested in buying property that has wetlands and you want to build a home or dock, environmental permits may be the best solution for you. Wetland permits may be issued by [...]


This service investigates for possible contamination on a property. All of our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment...

Listed Species Studies

Listed species include threatened, endangered, candidate, and species of special concern which can also present opportunities for the client...

Wetland, Wildlife & Upland Mitigation

Simply put, mitigation is a way to offset the impact of development on a regulated area or resource. Impacts may include dredging, filling, draining or other substantial changes to wetland [...]

Wetland Tax Reduction Services

In Florida, properties listed as “wetlands,” “swamps,” or “marshes” are supposed to be taxed at a lower rate than regular residential or commercial property. At least one out of four parcels in [...]

Stakeholder Engagement

Public outreach and comment are essential in environmental regulatory compliance. OEC has in-house public outreach experts that understand public expectations go beyond simply fulfilling the [...]

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