Wetland Tax Reduction Services

20In Florida, properties listed as “wetlands,” “swamps,” or “marshes” are supposed to be taxed at a lower rate than regular residential or commercial property. At least one out of four parcels in Florida contains wetlands, and county property appraisers can reduce tax assessments based on the presence of wetlands. We estimate that about 25% of property owners unknowingly pay too much in property taxes. SWCA will delineate the wetlands on a client’s property, and then help file the paperwork with the county to reduce their tax liability.

For more information on this service, please read our March 2017 Blog titled “Wetlands and Property Taxes: When combined can save you money”.

TWO EXAMPLES: A residential parcel we investigated was about 29 acres. The owner lived there and had a home on part of the property. We determined that about 9 acres of their property contained a forested swamp. With the correct adjustment, this property owner saves about $1,800.00 per year.

An investment property owner had 66 acres on FL US301 that were all zoned light-industrial, one of the highest commercial millage rates for property. We delineated the property to determine the number of wetland acres present on this parcel. There were quite a few and we submitted a millage rate adjustment for the wetlands portion. This client realized a $12K+ savings per year. He was so pleased we did his other investment properties in adjacent counties.

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