Wetland Delineation and Wetland Identification

11Engaging a wetland delineation before buying land is an exceptionally prudent move. We strongly recommend doing this before any clearing activities as the fines for doing this without a permit can be weighty. When we conduct a wetland delineation, we examine soil and vegetative indicators, as well as look for presence of hydrology to identify the extent of wetlands on a piece of property. OEC has an exceptionally qualified staff that is experienced in the southeastern region of the United States.

12Once we determine where the wetland line is, we mark these limits using flagging tape or pin flags. We often recommend that our clients consider having our wetland work reviewed by the appropriate regulatory agencies (FDEP, SJRWMD, or USACE) and surveyed by a licensed surveyor. In many cases, our GIS maps are used by surveyors to assist them with their work. When the review and surveys are complete, we work with the surveyor to make sure the wetlands are properly represented.

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