Stakeholder Engagement

18Public outreach and comment are essential in environmental regulatory compliance. SWCA has in-house public outreach experts that understand public expectations go beyond simply fulfilling the basic regulations of the environmental documentation process. In some cases, we may come in before the environmental review process has started in order to lay the communications groundwork for a project. Our approach is to identify issues early, establish messaging, encourage early stakeholder communication, and to create a presence in the community.

19SWCA actively engages stakeholders in the overall environmental communication planning process and we coordinate with our clients to understand their unique project related communication goals and objectives. Together we develop a short- and long-term public outreach strategy that incorporates the most appropriate tactics.

To provide transparency we open lines of communication early in the lifespan of a project. We utilize many tools to accomplish effective public and stakeholder outreach including: Strategic Communication Plans, Public Involvement, Public Meeting Coordination and Facilitation, Open Houses Meetings, Media Relations, Meeting Facilitation, and Event Planning.

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