Living Shoreline Services

A living shoreline is a natural shoreline protection alternative to the living-shoreline-website-pictureconventional bulkhead or seawall. A living shoreline allows for natural coastal processes to remain – exchanging sediment between land and sea which provides wave absorption, water filtering, natural erosion reduction, and vital plant and animal habitat.

oyster-bagsA living shoreline incorporates natural buffers to absorb wave energy and accrete sediment by using oyster reefs, wetland plants, sand, and coir fiber logs. It’s also far less expensive and requires less maintenance than a traditional bulkhead. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew that hit the coasts of central and northeast Florida, numerous seawalls and bulkheads were damaged or washed out to sea. However, living shorelines reported to have had little to no damage.

SWCA can offer innovative solutions to your shoreline project, provide permitting services, and manage the installation of wave attenuation devices, oyster bags, and native vegetation.

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