Listed Species Studies

1Florida is a unique place and home to many protected species such as gopher tortoises which burrow down in dry sandy areas from small lots to large farms. Interaction with these species, especially during development activities, is very conditional and requires special permitting.

2Gopher tortoises have been listed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) as threatened. Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agents are the only individuals licensed by FWC to survey, relocate, or handle gopher tortoises. SWCA has three FWC authorized Gopher Tortoise Agents on staff who are certified to conduct surveys for gopher tortoise burrows as well as relocate, handle, and transport tortoises to relocations sites.

3Our agents are authorized to capture gopher tortoises using bucket traps, live traps, backhoes, and excavate by hand shovel. Relocation activities include coordination with the client, FWC, construction contractors, and backhoe operators to manage project schedules, avoid delays, and combining relocation efforts to reduce costs.

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