Do you want to save money on your property taxes?


In Florida, properties listed as “wetlands,” “swamps,” or “marshes” are supposed to be taxed at a lower rate than regular residential or commercial property. Are you aware that at least 1 out of every 4 parcels in Florida contains wetlands? Are you also aware that the property appraisers can reduce tax assessments based on the presence of wetlands? As odd as it may sound, wetlands can save you money.

It is estimated that about 25% of property owners unknowingly pay too much in property taxes.

We can help. SWCA specializes in wetland issues. We can delineate the wetlands on your property and then help you file the paperwork with the county to reduce your taxes.

One example:
A residential parcel we investigated was about 29 acres. The owner lived there and had a home on part of the property. We determined that about 9 acres of this property contained a forested swamp. With the correct adjustment, this property owner saves about $1,800 dollars per year.

Call us at (904) 384-7020 for a free consultation to see how you could possibly save money on your property taxes.

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