Do you have questions about gopher tortoises, bald eagles, or other listed species?


Florida is a unique place, and people don’t realize that many properties are home to gopher tortoises, bald eagles, indigo snakes, manatees, and other listed species.

Listed species are not necessarily a problem for landowners. Depending on the site conditions and the needs for the use of the property we can often develop creative solutions that can minimize impact to listed species and allow utilization of the property.

As an example, Florida has listed the gopher tortoise as a threatened species. A utility company approached us with concerns about a proposed pipeline that would impact several gopher tortoise burrows. Re-routing the pipeline was not an option. We obtained permits and worked with an experienced heavy equipment operator to safely dig up and relocate the tortoises out of the easement and on to adjacent conservation land. The project continued unimpeded, and the tortoises were all safely relocated.

Bald eagles are another example: In April 2008, Florida revised its guidance documents for bald eagles. Bald eagle monitoring is required during nesting season (Oct-May) for certain activities within 660 feet of a nest tree. While bald eagles have made a remarkable recovery, they are still very sensitive to activities near their nests. SWCA has considerable experience using innovative techniques to perform the monitoring activities without disturbing the birds and working to keep the project on track.

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