Are you the property owner and you want to build now, or you want to prep your property for sale?


SWCA can review your property and give you a clear picture of the regulatory limitations that may be present.

If you are ready to build, its important to be fully aware of the environmental limitations of the property, if any. It could be wetlands, it could be gopher tortoises or other protected species, or it could be nothing. In any outcome, knowledge helps advance a project forward properly. It is important to have the land evaluated so you don’t run into regulatory problems when building. If wetlands are present we usually perform a wetland delineation and provide this information to you and your surveyor of choice. If gopher tortoises need to be relocated, we have authorized Gopher Tortoise Agents on staff to help with that, as well. Ideally we can advise you how to avoid impacts and move your project forward without additional permitting.

If you are prepping your land for sale, we can perform the same services to provide a report for potential buyers to consider. If you have our wetland line formally review by a regulator, the jurisdictional determination is good for five years. Many of our clients find value in having this information included in their sales package.

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