About Us

The SWCA Advantage

For people who want to buy or build on land, Onsite Environmental Consulting (OEC), now a part of SWCA Environmental Consultants, responds quickly to your need and advises you of the challenges and/or opportunities associated with your project.

OEC’s ecological experts are known for translating complex environmental regulations into language you can understand. We then team with you for an actionable solution that aligns with your project’s goals.

Though based in Jacksonville, Florida, our expertise spans the entire southeast. With several decades of amassed cumulative skill, our staff has environmental experience working across the entire United States. From the deep swamps of Florida to fishing boats in Alaska, from scrap metal recycling facilities in North Carolina to industrial property in California, the OEC team has a wealth of professional knowledge on which to draw upon as we develop solutions for you.

Our Mission

In a word, it’s about leadership. SWCA advocates for our clients’ development projects by providing industry-leading information from our solutions-driven ecological experts who are responsive to our clients’ business goals.

Our Amazing Team

Our people are our most valuable asset. Loyal, capable, inspired, and adaptable, our learned professional staff is key to OEC’s success.
  • Janet Herrick CEO/President

    Since July 2004, Janet has been the controlling investor and owner of OEC. Under her guidance, OEC has become a leading… (read more)

  • Adam Hoyles Vice President of Operations

    Adam is Vice President of Operations, a Professional Wetland Scientist, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree…(read more)

  • Brian Dugan
    Brian Dugan Senior Environmental Scientist

    Brian heads the Phase I and Phase II Division for OEC, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Science…(read more)

  • Matt Canepa Senior Environmental Scientist / GIS

    Matt holds dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Environmental Studies and Geography from Florida State University. He is OEC’s lead field biologist…(read more)

  • JoLynne Cordova
    JoLynne Cordova Executive Assistant

    JoLynne is OEC’s Executive Assistant and holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Keiser University…(read more)

  • Jesse Boudreaux
    Jesse Boudreaux Environmental Scientist / GIS

    Jesse is OEC’s lead Field Technician to both our ecological and remediation divisions and assists in GIS mapping…(read more)

  • Sydney Moffat Field Technician / Marine Mammal Observer

    Sydney is OEC’s field tech and mapping apprentice in our GIS department.  She assists with fieldwork such as wetland delineations….(read more)

  • Jennifer Brinkworth Environmental Scientist / Avian Expert

    Jennifer Brinkworth is an Environmental Scientist and Avian Expert with OEC.  She attained her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Florida with a (read more)

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